Network Management

icon_networkZEBRAGUARD Optimize provides a complete web based network management solution designed for use by functional heads within the organization. The advanced access control mechanism ensures that the functional heads can only view reports and control the usage of computers for those users for which they are responsible. For IT system administrators, ZEBRAGUARD Optimize provides a host of features to assist in managing the deployment of the system including Active Directory compatibility, client management, database archiving, remote administration through internet and automated client updates.

Audits Computer Resources

icon_auditsZEBRAGUARD Optimize is a one stop solution for monitoring and managing hardware, software, network usage, and user productivity within an organization. PC auditing software available in the market require a great deal of manual input from the administrator on the details of the hardware and software resources. ZEBRAGUARD Optimize offers hardware and software audit on all the PCs in the organization on a regular basis. Administrators are notified when there is a change in a PC’s configuration. ZEBRAGUARD Optimize also performs drive and network audits which give detailed information of both file and network usage for any given user.

Improves Productivity

icon_productivityZEBRAGUARD Optimize is able to monitor PC idle time and can automatically hibernate or shut down machines that are left unattended for long periods. ZEBRAGUARD Optimize reports the application usage on a group and an individual basis in the form of tables and pie charts. ZEBRAGUARD Optimize allows organizations to assign productivity ratings to software, providing them a quick means of ascertaining the overall productivity of the users within their domain.

Monitor Internet Usage

icon_internet_usageZEBRAGUARD Optimize is able to monitor all Internet content, instant messaging exchanges and files for words and phrases indicative of sexual harassment, bullying or inappropriate subject matter. When inappropriate material is detected an incident report is generated and, if specified, access to the content is blocked. ZEBRAGUARD Optimize also monitors the users’ keystrokes so that the perpetrators of the content can be identified.

Customizable Protection Modes

icon_modeZEBRAGUARD Optimize is fully customizable and profiles can be created for both individuals and groups of users. It has four modes of operation namely Active Mode, Active Block Mode, Passive Mode, and Browser Block Mode.


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