Productivity Management

Having difficulties with unproductive employees?

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize provides organizations the cutting edge monitoring system for ROI measurement!

Comprehensive Central Management Console

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize helps organizations to efficiently enhance IT Policy as well as effectively monitoring both online and offline activities of employees through an inclusive central console. It also allows the administrator to perform the tasks as per below:

  • Profile setting for users and groups
  • Multiple Monitoring setting based on schedule
  • Instant update and information gathering
  • Customizable alert message and policy acceptance
  • Flexible report generations
  • System tampering monitoring


Work from Home and BYOD Monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize helps the management to monitor user’s personal laptops or PCs. It is able to differentiate between users personal information and work from company’s information. The system also allows the definition of a business user account in the user’s personal machine. Further to force the user to log into the business user account to do work, all work associated applications, company’s network, documents etc. are only accessible when he logs into the business user account.


Network Connections Monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize provides the ability for organization to monitor and block 3G modems, hotspots and other nonstandard network connections. Use of 3G modems, smartphones etc. to bypass the corporate network is very common and creates a serious threat to the company’s network and productivity. It offers full control over these ad hoc connections restricting network connection to only company specified network connections.


Productivity Monitoring on website and application usage

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize helps management to monitor and alerts the user when they waste company time visiting unproductive sites such as gambling, hate, pornography etc. A report will be generated which can be used by the management to take further action.

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize also provides detailed reports to the management on the amount of time spent by an employee/department/branch on productive applications such as word, excel etc and unproductive applications such as playing games, watching movies, browsing the internet etc. Management can use these reports to enforce a block of certain unproductive applications.


Website Filtering and blocking

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize supports local machine based web content monitoring for websites containing inappropriate material such as crime, drugs, racism, pornography, social networking etc. The users can either be warned when opening these websites or the entire website can be blocked.


Offline Monitoring of Pornography

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to analyze and report on any employee access to pornographic offline video and image files (Non-internet based) using image processing – artificial intelligence based technology and report back to the server by taking a snapshot of the stored image or video along with the PC name.


Proactive Software Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to schedule Software Audits and report on which software is installed and on which machine with full detail about the software. It reports on total number of unused software, licensed and unlicensed software in a particular environment.


Effective Hardware Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to schedule hardware audits and report on the hardware configuration, total number of video, audio and image files stored in the PC. It allows the admin to better plan their resources and request the users to delete certain personal files in the event the machine is running low on resources.


Print Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize can be extended to printing device as it is able to record the name of the file being printed, the number of pages printed and the printer used for printing.


Network Bandwidth Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to perform network utilization audit by PC, by user group and by overall organization to locate potential sources of network bottlenecks.


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