Scenario study: Scan



David is the business owner of “House of The Phone”, one of the leading online store providing mobile phones to end-users. Unfortunately, the website was hacked and the business was badly affected.

His web developers do not have the expertise in conducting web security assessment and fix the vulnerabilities. Therefore, David chosen ZEBRAGUARD | Scan which is highly recommended by some trusted source.

Now, David has two options on ZEBRAGUARD | Scan plans. He can opt for one time scanning or annual subscription to enjoy exclusive and lower rate.  However, taking into the consideration the fact that the website is a dynamic website with constant update and added features, David decided to go for annual subscription plan with monthly assessment. 


After David providing the URL and login details, Condition Zebra technician will handle the configuration and provide David a login details to ZEBRAGUARD | Scan Metrics and Data Centre. With the login, David is to login to manage the scanning schedule and check the latest status of the scanning with the reported vulnerabilities. 


After David set the date and time, the scanning runs and detect the vulnerabilities in David’s website. Once the scanning complete, ZEBRAGUARD | Scan “Security Assessment Centre” will verify and analyze the vulnerabilities. The tested and verified vulnerabilities will be updated to David’s account. Each vulnerability is equipped with comprehensive analysis such as the URL, threat categories, proof of concept and recommended solution.



With the report provided by ZEBRAGUARD | Scan, David has the option to get his in-house team to fix the vulnerabilities. However, his in-house team does not have the expertise and he prefers Condition Zebra to fix the vulnerabilities. After all, ZEBRAGUARD |Scan “Security Assessment Centre” has analyzed and tested the vulnerabilities. 

In order to have the best result out of this campaign, David has opted for Condition Zebra to fix the vulnerabilities of his website.


After the incident, David’s business is back to normal and he has practiced to conduct a monthly scanning on his website to ensure the security of his website and the safety of his online customers.


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