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PT. Halcom Integrated Solution (HIS) atau yang lebih dikenal dengan sebutan HALCOM didirikan pada tanggal 18 Juni 2003. Dikenal luas karena konsistensinya melayani segmen pasar government dan corporate, yang menawarkan layanan mulai dari infrastruktur sampai solusi teknologi lainnya. HALCOM memiliki tim professional yang handal dan dinamis, dengan pembaharuan pengetahuan dan keterampilan yang dibutuhkan secara berkala. HALCOM juga membangun kerjasama strategis dengan sejumlah partner teknologi nasional, regional, dan global untuk memperkuat penawaran solusi kepada klien.


Orange Coast Manila, Inc. is a value-added reseller (VAR), integrator, and distributor of products and technologies for voice and data communications systems. Our products and services cover such areas as Local and Wide Area Networking, Data Communications, Telecommunications, Wireless Networks, Information Security, and Network Consultancy and Maintenance. Established in 1992 as an affiliate of Orange Coast started as a distributor for Pacific Communications Sciences Inc. (PCSI) Nuera Clarity Series line of advanced voice/fax/data networking equipment. We have since then successfully completed and continues to undertake VAR and distribution agreements with other providers of cutting-edge technologies such as Patton Electronics, Nuera, SafaNet Inc. (formerly Cylink), Algorithmic Research, Solectek, Telco Systems, and IDS. With the development in modern networking technologies and in response to the demand for networking services, OCM has since expanded into other services such as network baselining, network audit, LAN/WAN design and architecture and network maintenance services.


KUDOS presents the workforce community with international certification and professional skills training geared towards an individual’s success in the work.KUDOS is an exclusive launched to e-Education, international certification within education institutions & continuous professional development within corporation.
KUDOS is a Learning organization empowering industries, government bodies, and education institutions to operate at international standards.


Xangdao Consulting ICT and Services.

Xangdao Consulting Co., LTD. was founded by Mr. Anousak Anthony Souphavanh in 2007. It is the first company in Laos providing the most comprehensive consulting services in ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

Xangdao (meaning “Star Elephant” in Lao) was created after the success of many projects related to Lao computerization initiative such as Laonux, (Lao Linux version in 2003 and Lao version of OpenOffice in 2006), and Lao national Unicode font development (Phetsarath OT- in 2006). After that many Lao software development projects were successfully implemented, namely, “Star Office” in Lao language, E-Groupware, ERP/CRM, E-learning, Accounting and E-Commerce systems.

Xangdao is endowed with experts, specialists, programmers and linguists who can provide the highest-quality Lao software development solutions on time and on budget. Additionally, Xangdao is created with the aim at providing the most comprehensive ICT expertise in Lao PDR today, ensuring that all of Lao software development projects will always meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.



QNET was founded in 2010 with well-trained staff in knowledge era, with young and dynamically technology-changed leaders, with a system of knowledge and advanced experiences in serving to knowledge organizations, with modern information technology (IT) facilities. QNET is a company dedicated for professional knowledge services focusing in consultancy, development of skills and management capabilities, practicing management reforms and deploying information and communication technology services, to help organizations and businesses entering knowledge era, developing their knowledge capacities and improving quality and performance of their organizations based on information technology.


CyberQuote Pte Ltd (CQ), a member of Phillip Capital, has been one of the leading players in the education industry and also IT consultancy services for more than 18 years.

In line with the rising issues on IT security in Singapore and across the globe, CQ has recognized the need to educate both the organizations and individuals to be at their best defense by providing IT Security education and IT Security consultancy service.


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