ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Web Filtering solution. It is designed to help organizations prevent insider threats with maximum data protection through effective information flow monitoring, web filtering and productivity management.



Data Loss Prevention ( DLP )

We offer data loss prevention and encryption solutions to maximize the protection of confidential and sensitive information within the organization.

Information Security

Web Filtering

We enable enterprises effectively monitor and manage information flow, ensuring regulatory compliance to local and international compliance standard.


Efficiency and Productivity Monitoring

We provide organizations the cutting edge monitoring system for ROI measurement and managing unproductive employees.


steps title

Step 1 – Understanding your platform and needs

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize consultant will schedule an on-site visit to understand your organization’s policy and needs

Step 2 – System installation and configuration

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize technician will install and configure the system aligning to your organization’s policy and needs

Step 3 – Monitoring and Violations Detections

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize will monitor your system, detect and capture every violation within your organization

Step 4 – Verification and Compilation

Each detected violations will be verified and updated in your tracking system with digital evidence

Step 5 – Data Analysis and system fine tuning

A monthly report will be provided and ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize consultants will analyze the report for you and fine tune the system for the best outcome







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