FAQ: Optimize Technical

  • + How do I obtain Technical Support?

    You are automatically registered to receive technical support when you purchase ZebraGuard through our Web site or by phone.

    For technical assistance, please contact our technical team at: support@zebraguard.com

  • +Why all the menus are not enabled when I log into the Control Panel

    ZebraGuard Optimize does not activate until you enter your Activation Key on the Registration page. Select the Click the Register button on the Control Panel start up screen to bring up the registration page.

  • +How do I obtain my Activation Key?

    You will receive a 32 digit numeric license key when you purchase your ZebraGuard application from your
    software vendor.

  • +What is the ZebraGuard Optimize ID?

    The ZebraGuard Optimize ID is the 32 digit numeric license key and the user name associated with it.

  • +What is a Profile?

     A Profile is a setting that you can apply to a single client PC, a group of client PCs, or an entire department. It allows you to set the detection engine sensitivity, mode of operation, and customized messages. Profiles determine how the
    ZebraGuard Client application operates. You can configure different profiles for different group of users. ZebraGuard
    allows you to create an unlimited number of Profiles.

  • +What is a Trigger Level?

    Trigger level is the sensitivity level you set in the Image Detection panel of the Profile Properties window. You set the
    trigger level by adjusting the Image Detection regulator to a high or a low level of sensitivity. The sensitivity level controls the Detection Engine on the client PCs you have profiled. The Detection Engine analyzes images displayed in the browser and determines whether the image is pornographic or not based on the sensitivity level you have set. When the level you set is exceeded, the system triggers a response, such as recording the incident in a log and warning the user with an on-screen message.

  • +How do I unistalled ZebraGuard Optimize Server?

     To prevent accidental or malicious removal of the ZebraGuard Detection Engine, the ZebraGuard Optimize Client is not included in the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ list. Thus the normal method of uninstalling the application, using the Add/Remove
    Programs application will not work. You need to use the ZebraGuard Optimize Remote Administration Console to uninstall the
    ZebraGuard Optimize Server.

  • +How do I start ZebraGuard Optimize Detection Engine?

    The ZebraGuard Optimize Detection Engine starts up when you install the Client application. However after installing the Client, a dialogue appears asking you to restart the system to complete the installation.

  • +What is Redirection Utility?

    The ZebraGuard Optimize Redirection utility is used to move or redirect a client from one server to another. This ability is very
    important in a segmented network where the clients must be explicitly told the server’s IP as the client is unable to
    receive the broadcast messages from a server residing on a different network segment.

  • +How do I get ZebraGuard Optimize Product updates?

    You can navigate to the ZebraGuard Optimize Update Manager by choosing Start > Programs > Guardware > ZebraGuard Update. You can set the update frequency to immediate, daily, weekly, or monthly.


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