Monitors the PCs/end point and enforces company policy on the machine and on the user

  • List of users and PCs installed with ZEBRAGUARD Optimize client
  • Monitors the end-point for both online and offline information


Able to define different settings/profiles for different groups of users

Provides means to implement different settings for different group/department of users and PCs such as different settings can be set for admin, accountants, managers etc. These settings can also be scheduled, meaning there can be different restrictions during the lunch and after working hours.


Able to monitor and enforce the company’s policy on laptops and PCs even when they are not connected to the corporate network.

For example if the employee is overseas on a business trip and is not connected with the corporate network, ZEBRAGUARD Optimize will still ensure that the company’s policy is being implemented on the machine. Further once he comes back to the office all monitoring data is updated back onto the server. This is also applicable for people who use 3G modems etc. in the corporate network.


Provides an easy mechanism to enforce company’s IT policy

  1. Enforces the AUP (acceptable use policy) by asking the user to accept the organizational AUP on an ongoing basis
  2. User customizable messages allow for greater organizational control on what message to display to which group of users


Identifies the person involved in the breach

User centric approach which relies on identifying and educating the transgressor. Hence instead of blocking certain website or applications for everyone, ZEBRAGUARD Optimize is able to finds out who is the actual person responsible for misusing the corporate network and deals with the problem at the root cause.


Website Monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD Optimize monitors 13 different categories of website. On blocking any website complete detail is available why that particular website was blocked. Furthermore, ZEBRAGUARD Optimize is able to detect if a particular website is opened via proxy sites such as hidemyass.com. All violations will be reported.

Offers 3 different modes of operation:

  • A warning message is displayed on opening inappropriate websites
  • Inappropriate websites can be blocked completely by redirecting the page to the company specified webpage
  • Silent monitoring

Option is available to block specific list of websites for specific group of people


Monitors document and communication

  1. Ability to define sensitive keywords by departments.
  2. Comes with 2 modes of operation:
    • Warn the user on typing inappropriate words
    • Silent Monitoring
  3. Chat monitoring
    • Monitors different types of chat application (Windows Live, Yahoo, America Online, GTalk, ICQ and iChat and alerts on inappropriate word violations. Ability to scan chat in different languages (Chinese, Tamil, Malay etc.)
    • Maintains complete log of chat for further investigation
    • Comes with 2 modes of operation
  4. Document monitoring
    • Monitors and scans documents when they are accessed by the user
      • Ms Office
      • pdf
      • Notepad and wordpad
    • Ability to scan the documents in different languages (Chinese, Tamil, Malay etc)
  5. Keystroke Monitoring
    1. Keystroke monitoring enables the system to monitor all unknown means of communications.
    2. Monitors Keystrokes and takes a screenshot when an inappropriate word is typed.
    3. Keystroke only monitors against the defined words in the application and doesn’t record all keystrokes.
    4. Ability to monitor Facebook as a screenshot is taken if the user types something inappropriate in Facebook
    5. Doesn’t record all keystrokes. It checks against the user defined word list and alerts only when that specific word is triggered


Offline Monitoring of Pornography

  1. Image Detection
    Monitors Pornographic Images at the point of display
  2. Video Protection
    Monitors Pornographic videos at the point of access. Most known video formats supported.

    1. Ability to set different threshold levels based on cultural perception
      • Low
      • Medium
      • High
    2. Offers 3 Different Modes of operation
      • A warning message is displayed on opening inappropriate image or video
      • Screen is blocked on opening inappropriate image or video
      • Silent monitoring


USB Monitoring and Management

  1. Ability to apply file restrictions on thumb drives
    • Able to restrict that only certain file types can be copied on and off the thumb drive.
    • Ability to add new extension for proprietary file formats
    • Maintains complete audit trail on file changes
    • Monitors USB insertions to track down if there has been any illegal activity on any sensitive machine/server
  2. Dual Authentication via ZEBRAGUARD Optimize Certified Thumb Drive
    Implements 2 factor login authentication by converting any thumb drive into a dongle linked to a particular machine


Productivity Monitoring

  1. Time Spent on Non Productive Websites and Productive Websites
    1. Ability to calculate the amount of time spent on non-productive sites such as Facebook.com, forums, news etc and on company related stuff
    2. Provides graphical executive summary reports by:
      • By user
      • By department
      • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  2. Time Spent on Productive and Unproductive Applications
    1. Ability to add applications as productive or unproductive for each department e.g. MS Office, SAP can be categorized as productive whereas Movie players and Games can be categorized as unproductive
    2. Detects the active application which is being used
    3. Ability to differentiate active time spent using the machine and idle time
    4. Provides graphical executive summary reports by
      • By user
      • By deparment
      • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  3. Saving Of Electricity
    PC hibernation, log-off, shutdown if not in use.
  4. Complete Internet History is Recorded
    Complete Internet History is maintained. As this history is based on the machine it is independent of which gives details such as:

    • Number of hits of a particular website by User and by Department
    • Ability to block any particular website where people are wasting too much time


Auditing of IT Resources

  1. Hardware Audit
    • Scans IT peripherals and provides detailed configuration reports
    • Alerts on hardware changes
  2. Software Audit
    • Scans for all installed software and provides detailed report
    • Provides ability to manage software licenses
    • Provides report on where the software license is installed
    • Alerts on software changes
    • Alerts on licensed and unlicensed software installed in the machinesm
  3. Network Audit
    Reports on peak network usage per PC


Drive Scanning

  1. File Auditing
    Ability to scan the drives to find out the quantity of files of different formats. For example if the admin would like to know the number of mp3 files being stored in a particular machine.
  2. Scanning for Potential Pornographic Images and Videos
    Ability to scan pcs for pornographic images and videos.
  3. Administration Controls
    • 4 levels of user access controls
    • Build in mechanism to update clients from server
    • Auto archiving mechanism


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