FAQ: Scan

What can ZEBRAGUARD | Scan do?

ZEBRAGUARD | Scan is able to assess and test across all layers (web applications, mobile applications, app server, 3rd party plugins, databases, services, operating Systems, and Networks) of infrastructures within your organization.


What are the scanners used for the vulnerability assessment?

ZEBRAGUARD | Scan uses proprietary scanner to conduct the assessment. The tailor-made scanner is capable of detecting vulnerabilities in your digital assets and further improve your organization’s security defense against cyber-attacks.


Is my platform free from any damage during the vulnerability assessment?

ZEBRAGUARD | Scan will not damage your platform. It is a “low and steady” scanner that uses 1-3 requests per second single threaded.


How do I ensure my platform and vulnerabilities details will not leak to a 3rd party?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed between you and Condition Zebra before any vulnerability assessment or penetration testing takes place. As one of the trusted and reliable Information Security Solution Providers, your details are safe in our hands!


How is the process of vulnerabilities filtering and false positive elimination like?

Condition Zebra has a “Security Research Centre” backed by a team of highly qualify security engineers and experts to review and verify the vulnerabilities generated by the scanner.


How do I check the campaign status and vulnerabilities updates?

Condition Zebra provides client with a unique login details to ZEBRAGUARD | Scan Portal. You are able to access and check the latest status of the assessment and reported vulnerabilities with the login.


How secure is ZEBRAGUARD | Scan Portal?

ZEBRAGUARD | Scan Portal is a 99.9% secure platform (as there is no such thing as 100% secured platform). We consistently test our platform to ensure portal is highly secure. With our extensive experience and expertise, the security of the platform is the last thing you need to worry of.

What should I do if I need assistance to fix the vulnerabilities?

Condition Zebra’s Vulnerabilities Mitigation Services is available if you require the support or advice from an industry expert to handle this process. Our security specialists will sit down and work with your development team to fix the vulnerabilities.


How much will this solution costs?

There is no fix rate for the service as every project is unique according to the needs and requirements of the organization. Drop us your details and our consultant will contact and assist you.


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