FAQ: Crowd Testing

What can you test?

ZEBRAGUARD | Crowd Testing is capable of conduct penetration testing on any platform, including network, web and mobile application.  You name it, we’ll test it!


Who are the researchers? Are they capable of testing my platform?

The researchers are experienced in providing information security services to large organization and government agencies around the globe. Many of researchers have been awarded with information security hall of fame by multi-billion company such as Facebook, Google, eBay, PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Skype and many more.


How can I ensure my platform is free from any damage during the penetration testing?

Unlike others penetration testers, Condition Zebra Crowd Researchers does not rely on commercial scanning tools that could slow down or damage your platform. Condition Zebra Crowd Researchers focus on manual and business logic testing, plus the entire process will be conducted in proper and professional methods that does not leave a scar on your platform.


How can I ensure my platform and vulnerabilities details will not be leaked to a 3rd party?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed between you and Condition Zebra before the campaign. As one of most trusted and reliable Information Security Solution Provider, your details are safe in our hands!


How is the process of filtering and false positive elimination?

Condition Zebra has formed “Vulnerabilities Investigation Centre” to review and test the vulnerabilities submitted by the researchers. The submitted vulnerability will be tested and verified by the highly qualified and trained experts. They are the guys that eat, sleep and play with security and vulnerabilities.


How can I check the campaign status and the vulnerabilities updates?

Condition Zebra will provide each customer a unique login details to Crowd Testing Portal. With the login, you will be able check the latest status of the campaign with reported vulnerabilities.


How secure is the Crowd Testing Portal?

Condition Zebra’s Crowd Testing Portal is a 99.9% secure platform (there is no such thing as 100% secured platform).  Furthermore, we are consistently testing our platform to ensure the security of the portal. With our experience and expertise in information security and penetration testing, the security of the platform is the last thing you need to worry about.


I have my own in-house team; can I fix the vulnerabilities by myself?

Yes, you can get your in-house team to fix the vulnerability. Condition Zebra’s Vulnerabilities Mitigation Services is optional and specially designed to help organizations lack of information security experts.


How much will the penetration testing service cost?

Due to the flexibility that Condition Zebra offers, there will be no fix rate for the penetration testing service. Every penetration testing project is unique as different organizations have different kind of needs and platform to be tested. We have consultants which are more than happy to assist you. Don’t hesitate to drop us your details and our consultants will contact and assist you.


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